Card payments online are so pre-2023! Direct bank-to-bank payments are here and easier than ever to use for one-off payments and subscriptions. Open Banking wants you to have fast, secure and ridiculously cheap payments.

Unlike traditional card payments,
with a Spred subscription you get...

Zero Fees

Yes, really!

on up to your first 1,000 transactions per month

And then, extremely low, fixed per-transaction fees thereafter;
No percentage-based fees. No platform cut. No chargebacks. No card fraud.

That means you keep more of what you receive;
the more you charge, the more you earn.

Note: Some banks still charge a fee for receiving funds. Please check your bank's terms and conditions.
If your bank does this archaic nonsense, it's probably time to change your bank ๐Ÿ˜…

Instant Payouts

Funds go straight to your bank account

No more waiting days for payouts or the threat of your PSP withholding funds; funds usually clear within minutes

and more to come!

Spred is great for receiving any kind of payment:

How it works →

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